INTORE was the word chosen by the LEAF Street Kids for their future center and troupe. In Kinyarwanda, the word “Intore” refers to a person who is desperate and hopeless and then GIVEN HOPE by a person or event. This new found HOPE gives strength to learn new skills, see life through new eyes, and become a better person and a leader. An Intore is a true hero.

The LEAF Intore Troupe’s Vision and Dreams – What do you Imagine? We asked the boys to tell us what they envisioned for their future – personally and for the future of LEAF Intore. Thoughtfully, they requested to have the night to think on their answers. The next day, leaders David, Ali, and Emmanuel gave us answers that reflect the selflessness of these very special young men. This is what they had to say…

David – ‘Thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak our thoughts and wishes. We wanted to show you how far we have come, but also, where we want to go. Most of us grew up on the streets, and it was not our choice. We are sad for the others that are still on the streets. We dream to have work, and when we can sustain ourselves, we wish to take in other kids from the streets. We want to reach other kids – not only from the streets, but youth in general. We want to empower other kids the way that we were empowered. We will work hard to help the youth of Rwanda.’

Ali – ‘For a long time, nobody came to ask us our opinions. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our dreams. When the center is functioning, we would like to take in children from the streets. We would like to help orphans of the genocide, but also anyone else who wants to come. We wish for our children to never live on the streets. We were on the streets because of poverty or death of parents. We dream to become real men. Good men. We want to preserve our culture and we will not push away any opportunities or skills that come to us. Maybe one day, we can be like people who live in houses. When the center is built, we will welcome everyone, but mainly the underprivileged under 20 years old – they are the Rwandans of tomorrow.’

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